Pre-approved Technologies

Key Facts:

Green Technology Selector (GTS) and LET Technology Selector for Pre-Approved Technologies​

    • GTS stands for Green Technology Selector – here you will find thousands of equipment items (from energy efficient machines to electric cars) that save at least 20% energy. LET stands for List of Eligible Technologies and covers a wide range of machines that are currently not on the GTS.

    • Frequently, a simple equipment investment is sufficient to align with EU Directives.

    • This approach is for companies wishing to purchase standard equipment for an investment value of up to EUR 300,000.

    • Your preferred equipment is not listed in either technology selector? Contact our project team with the details and we will evaluate the eligibility within 3 business days

    • A grant incentive of up to 10% is paid upon successful project implementation and verification.

Green Technology Sector

LET Technology Selector

Typical investment examples

The following technology categories are covered:

An example from practice

The Company UV Print was established by inspired by specialists that had 10 years’ experience in this field. Their aim was to provide superior printing services using innovative technologies that minimize environmental harm. Using the fast LET approach, the company invested in a high precision printing machine that operates without harmful chemicals and reduces paper waste.

Application Procedure


Submit the LET Application Form with pro-forma invoice to the Partner Bank.


Partner Bank confirms compliance with LET & lending criteria and provides loan.


Implement the project.


Get the project verified by the Verification Consultant.


Receive a 10% grant, funded by the EU4Business initiative.

Submit the LET Application Form with pro-forma invoice or other offer to the Project Consultant.

The Project Consultant checks the equipment eligibility.

Equipment is listed in the Technology Selector:

Equipment is NOT listed in the Technology Selector:

Pre-approval takes up to 3 business days

Eligibility Criteria

Technical Eligibility

    • All equipment contained in the LET Technology Selector has been pre-approved by the Project Consultant and meets the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line criteria.
    • Your preferred equipment is not listed? Submit the LET Application Form with supporting documentation (invoice or other offer, technical sheet) to the Project Consultant who will check your request within 3 business days.

Sectors/Activities Exclusions

Please check Who can Apply for details.

Company related eligibility requirements

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