Partner Banks

Mobiasbanca – OTP Group S.A.

Present on the local market since 4 July 1990, Mobiasbanca is the 4 th largest universal bank on the Moldovan banking market, being active in the retail and corporate segment as well.

On 25 July 2019, OTP Bank, the largest banking group in Hungary, became the main shareholder of

Mobiasbanca, by acquiring 96,6% stakes from Groupe Societe Generale.

Following Moldova’s accession, OTP Group – one of the most stable and reliable financial services providers and a dominant banking player in the Central and Eastern European market – is already present in 11countries in the region.

OTP Group is serving 18,5 million clients with more than 35,000 employees and has a network of over 1,400 branches. OTP Bank is the largest commercial bank in Hungary with a market share of 26% by total assets.

The profitability of OTP Group in terms of ROE is the highest among European banking groups. OTP Group grants services in the field of insurance, real estate, factoring, leasing and asset management, investment and pension funds.

B.C. ProCredit Bank S.A.

B.C. ProCredit Bank S.A. is an international bank with 100% foreign capital, and with shareholders exclusively from Germany. The bank is a part of the international ProCredit group, which operates in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Germany. The parent company of the group is ProCredit Holding, a Frankfurt based company which guides the group. At a consolidated level the group is supervised by the German federal banking supervision authorities (BaFin and Bundesbank). The ProCredit group aims to combine high development impact with commercial success for its shareholders.
ProCredit banks aim to create transparent, inclusive financial sectors in developing countries and transition economies. A functioning and fair financial system, which enables people to save on the one hand and businesses to invest and expand on the other, is important for economic and social development.

ProCredit banks aim to be the “house bank” for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to provide simple savings services for ordinary people.
On December 17, 2007 Commercial Bank ProCredit Bank S.A. received the license for financial activities. ProCredit Bank offers excellent customer service to small and medium enterprises and to private individuals who would like to save. The Bank adhere to a number of core principles: values transparency in communication with customers, do not promote consumer lending, strives to minimise the ecological footprint, and provides services which are based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on a sound financial analysis. In operations with business clients, the Bank focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises, as ProCredit is convinced that these businesses create jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate.

BC “Moldova Agroindbank” SA (MAIB)

BC “Moldova Agroindbank” SA (MAIB) is Moldova’s leading commercial bank, with a history as long as the country’s.  MAIB is a bank of strategic importance, being an active backer of ongoing economic and entrepreneurial development processes. 

MAIB client portfolio extends from private to legal entities, both SMEs and corporate companies, to cover over 900,000 clients in all. To ensure high-quality service, in addition to its wide network of branches and agencies that cover the whole country, the bank has been laying the emphasis on digitalization to make sure its clients can do banking comfortably, quickly and safely from all over the world.

Being a universal bank, the mission of MAIB is to provide the most qualitative and accessible financial services in order to add value to its stakeholders and contribute to the community’s development. Having high corporate governance standards as its cornerstone, the bank’s guiding principles are transparency, integrity, responsibility, focus on clients and excellence in everything we do.


Victoriabank is a top bank on the Moldovan market with more than 620 000 clients, 1300 employees and 100 branches throughout the country. It is the first commercial institution in Moldova, founded in 1989, which at present provides a complete range of products and services to private individuals, SMEs and large corporations via multiple distribution channels: banking units, ATM and EPOS networks, and online banking (VB24).

To create value-added banking, lend within its communities, give back to various charitable causes and deploy its team in numerous volunteer activities is part of Victoriabank’s corporate responsibility policy. The bank has invested and will continue to invest in superior technology that creates a user-friendly and mobile-centric experience, and affords the customer the most modern banking conveniences.

At the beginning of 2018, Victoriabank became a part of the biggest financial group of Romania – Banca Transilvania. The accession of Victoriabank to the Financial Group – Banca Transilvania marked the beginning of a new chapter in the development of the banking and business environment of the Republic of Moldova. The new business model, borrowed from the majority shareholder, means access to financial resources for small, medium and large companies, so that Victoriabank becomes as soon as possible the “Moldovan Entrepreneurs’ Bank”, such as BT is in Romania. As strategic partners, BT and EBRD want to contribute to Victoriabank’s development and to the consolidation of Moldova’s banking environment.