Expansion of Agricultural Activities

The company Impernucselect SRL, located in the Hincesti district of Loganesti village, looks back on a long and varied history. Founded in 2009, company started as a grower of walnuts.  However, the company was severely affected by the consequences of climate change. The emergence of droughts and severe weather conditions effectively destroyed the walnut orchard and the company had to switch to a new line of activity. Over the past few years, the company developed a healthy business in breeding and selling of sheep. The company owns sufficient pasture land for the sheep, with shelters for the animals. Moreover, the company owns 20 ha of agriculture land, partly used for the production of animal feed and partly let to various companies and individuals for agricultural activities. To improve the efficiency of the land processing, Impernucselect SRL invested in agricultural machinery such as a combine, loaders, tractor, and a shredder. The investment was finaced through a €347,007 EU4Business-EBRD Credit line loan and the company received a cash-back grant of €52,051 after successful project verification.  The new machines meet the highest occupation health and safety standards, use less energy than conventional agricultural machines and have lower maintenance needs than older machinery.

Loan amount:

€ 347,007

Grant amount:

€ 52,051


Combine harvester, loaders, tractor, shredder

Energy savings

253.6 MWh/year

GHG emissions avoided

67.4 t CO2/year


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