Hotex successfully diversifies using its core business model

Hotex-Com SRL is a Moldovan company that, over the past six years, has built a successful business model with the construction of gas stations for lease to petrol and gas distribution companies. Building upon the successes of this model, the company decided to diversify into the wider commercial building sector through the construction and leasing of retail and leisure spaces, such as shopping centers, supermarkets and cafes/restaurants. A clear focus of this strategy is the creation of modern, energy efficient commercial buildings, incorporating state of the art technologies and adhering to European standards for energy efficient buildings and occupants’ well-being. The first project under the new strategy is an investment in a new commercial building located in Stefan Voda in the South-Eastern part of Moldova. The project, financed through a EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loan, includes modern ventilation, efficient heating and air conditioning, water and waste-water systems, electrical systems, insulation of walls, roof and floor as well as internal finishing works.  The new building meets the energy efficiency standards oft eh European Union.

Already during the construction period, Hotex signed commercial lease agreements with Enter (a gadgets store) and Felicia (a chain of pharmacies in Moldova). In the meantime, the supermarket chain Linella has also moved into the new center, catering for the needs of the citizens of Stefan Voda. Adherence to COVID prevention measures, together with modern ventilation and filtration that ensure a healthy indoor environment, have helped avoiding any infection cases among staff and customers and especially Linella has registered satisfactory sales increase figures since it opened its doors.

The company used its cash-back grant, financed by the EU4Business Initiative, to reduce the loan principle and loan interest.

Loan amount:

€ 248,331

Grant amount:

€ 37,250


Efficient building technologies and construction works

Energy savings

166.8 MWh/year

GHG emissions avoided

80.7 t CO2/year


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