Liceul Litterarum

Children are most likely suffering the most under the restrictions required due to the COVID pandemic. Their daily routine disrupted, their social interaction with friends and classmates having been reduced to a bare minimum, schools and teachers are facing a monumental task in maintaining at least some sense of normalcy to protect the mental well-being of our youngest. Liceul Litterarum first opened its doors 19 years ago and is appreciated for the efficiency of its instructive-educational processes and for offering a psychological climate that is conducive to the development of children. Many agree that a good school should go beyond the basics of liberal arts and a natural science-based curriculum. In this respect, Liceul Litterarum leads by example. The school’s focus is on a system of non-traditional learning and education, which is based on the principle of tailoring the education offering towards the needs of the individuals. This approach helps students from primary school through to high school levels develop a desire to learn throughout their lives, to be better today than yesterday and yet better tomorrow than today. Even under the pandemic conditions, the school managed to maintain its normal operations between 1st September 2020 and 1st March 2021 by introducing protective measures such as wearing of masks and obligatory mask changes every 2.5 hours, temperature checks upon arrival and upon leaving the school, installation of disinfectant dispensers and teaching children a new and safe routine of interacting with each other.

The new challenges were somewhat easier to tackle with the improvements made to the school buildings with the help of the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loan.  Liceul Litterarum invested in new water and wastewater systems, a new heating and ventilation system as well as improvements of the building envelope. The school now offers the advantages of learning in a modern, energy-efficient building with twenty-six comfortable and welcoming classrooms and 45 highly trained faculty members. Due to temporary increases in the infection rates in Chisinau, the school had to switch to online teaching in March. However, with the improved building conditions, and especially the modern ventilation systems, teachers are able to provide the online lessons and support to the children from the comfort of the modernized school building.

Loan Amount

€ 137,925

Grant Amount

€ 20,689

Invested in:

New HVAC, lighting, water and wastewater systems, building insulation and windows

Primary Energy Savings

144 MWh/year

GHG Savings

23 tCO2/year

Energy Saving Ratio

44 %

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