IM RoofArt SRL– Rainwater Systems

RoofArt offers a wide range of rainwater systems and metal tiles in Republic of Moldova. roof drainage systems are designed to directed the atmospheric precipitation (rain or snow) from the top of the roof surface towards the soil or the drainage system. Founded in 2009, the company’s production facilities are housed in two factory buildings, located on a 3000m2 area. Using the easy LET process, the company upgraded its production, fully aligning the products with EU standards. This will allow the company to increase its exports to EU markets while also decreasing its per unit production cost.

Investment Volume:

  • Investment Cost: EUR 286,400
  • Loan amount: EUR 286,400
  • Grant amount (10%): EUR 28,640

Invested in:

  • Profiling & cutting sheet metal profile
  • Storey Line PROFILES
  • Roll forming line

EU Directives met:

  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive,
  • 2014/35/EU relating to the making available on the market of electrical equipment designed for usewithin certain voltage limits
  • 2014/30/EU Directive 2014/30/EU relating to electromagnetic compatibility (recast).
  • Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of constructionproducts and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC
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