Hotex successfully diversifies using its core business model

Hotex-Com SRL is a Moldovan company that, over the past six years, has built a successful business model with the construction of gas stations for lease to petrol and gas distribution companies. Building upon the successes of this model, the company decided to diversify into the wider commercial building sector through the construction and leasing […]

Agro Gogu SRL

The agriculture sector is a mainstay of Moldova’s economy with the majority of the population living in rural areas and depending on agriculture for food and income.

Axedum SRL

Founded in 2006 as a producer of chicken meat, Axedum covers the entire production cycle from the production of biological forage through to slaughtering and delivery of ready chicken meat.

Liceul Litterarum

Children are most likely suffering the most under the restrictions required due to the COVID pandemic. Their daily routine disrupted, their social interaction with friends

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