Improving a cattle herd

The company Terranuc SRL was founded in 2009 to grow nut wood for high end wood processing, such as furniture and decorations. With increasingly adverse weather conditions, the nut trees died, and the company switched to cattle breeding.

Today the company has its own breeding and slaughtering facilities, applying rigorous standards of animal welfare and food hygiene, producing beef, pork, horse and sheep meet. Terranuc already operates a fully operates a fully automated slaughtering line, requiring no personnel. The meat cutting process is still carried out manually by the personnel of the company. After the meat processing, the meat carcasses are frozen in the cold rooms. The remains (ends, skin, etc.) are sorted and marketed to other processing facilities. Their transport takes place immediately after the processing.

Currently, the company Terranuc Srl exports meat to the Russian Federation (sheep and horse meat), Lebanon (beef) and the UAE (beef and sheep meat).

Loan amount:

€ 296,865

Grant amount:

€ 44,529


250 Angus cows


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