Supporting Moldova’s agricultural sector

As a supplier of plant protection materials, of soil treatment substances and of seeding materials, Agrostoc plays and important role in the agricultural sector of Moldova. Agrostoc is an ‘Entrepreneurial Cooperative’ that was founded in 2001 by 15 agricultural stores. By 2019, membership in the Cooperative had grown to 148. The organization imports goods and materials from abroad for on-selling to farmers in Moldova. This level of import activity has several disadvantages, including high purchasing costs, the environmental liability and cost of long-distance transport, security of supply – as shown during the current pandemic situation, etc.

In 2021, the organization took the first step towards building up its own processing plant for the mixing of special fertilizers (Nexur-46, Novatec-21, Novatec-40, other fertilizer mixtures with the inclusion of microelements).

The new factory uses state-of-the-art equipment of European origin, guaranteeing the minimization of environmental impact. In addition, the organization constructed a 6,000 m2 factory building to house the new mixing and packaging process as well as warehousing space.

The factory building was constructed using green technologies, including heating, cooling, lighting and a rainwater harvesting system.

The building meets all environmental and occupational safety requirements, the modern production equipment ensures high product quality and product stability standards and the technologies selected for the production and for the building ensure resource efficient plant operation.

Loan amount:

€ 1,370,585

Grant amount:

€ 205,588


Fertilizer mixing, weighing and packaging lines, building construction and building technology


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